OFC Championship 2018: first day results !


It’s on for the 15th edition of the Orange Football Club Championship, which is currently taking place in Cameroon until the 26th of August, 2018. Sixteen teams from across Cameroon are taking part in this championship. Many football fans are practicing their favorite passion under the cheering of hundreds of supporters of local football. On the first day of the competition, sixteen matches were played between the 32 teams competing to win this year’s Orange Football Club Championship. Footballers pleased supporters with their magnificent technique and amazing football skills. The results : Men: Group A: Douala Nkolmbong – Festy Foot BILONGUE (0-1) WOURI FOOT – HAPPY FOOT (1-1) Group B: Douala Deïdo foot vacations – Mambanda Holidays football 2018 (0-0) 2018 Leo Soccer Championship – 2018 Soccer Relaunch (1-0) Group A: Yaoundé MFOU – ETOUG EBE (6-4) BREEDERS – MENDONG (2-1) Group B: Yaoundé NKOLBISSON – ANGUISSA (1-1) MOKOLO – LOBO (0-0)



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